Connectivity For Consumer Markets With Microsoft & Dell

Dell Latitude owners can buy data via the Microsoft Store

Dell, like many laptop/tablet manufacturers, is keen to provide cellular connectivity to their clients as an alternative to Wi-Fi, often unavailable, of poor quality, expensive, and offering no data protection. The Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series 2-in-1 laptop is currently sold in the United States equipped with Windows 10, a modem and the SIM 901 by Transatel.


The Challenge

The challenge OEMs face is not so much the addition of a modem and SIM slot, as it is one of logistics. The device is often produced in one country and sold in another, or in many others. Planning or swapping SIM cards depending on the device’s final destination is near to impossible. Another challenge is a seamless customer journey and a great end-user experience during the process of crediting the card with data.


The Solution

The solution thus takes the form of an agnostic, universal SIM card, pre-installed in the device once and for all, easily rechargeable via the internet and valid in 45 countries and counting. To make the user experience one-of-a-kind, Transatel and Microsoft have worked for months to integrate SIM 901 within the Windows 10 environment. Now this capability is made available to any OEM presenting a device with Windows 10.



The Win

Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series owners benefit from cutting edge telecom technology liberating them from dependency on Wi-Fi in the US, and soon France, the UK, and Ireland. Pre-paid 4G data bundles are available via Dell NetReady, the brand’s online cellular data service developed with Transatel, enabling end-users to control their expenses. Henceforth, Dell can leverage its customer base to derive complementary revenue from the use of cellular networks.