For automotive

Ensure both vehicle-centric and
passenger-centric communications

The ‘Connected Car’ concept was originally focused on vehicle-centric connectivity, such as telematics and eCall. It’s now extending to passenger-centric connectivity, with the development of multiple applications designed to enhance the experience of both passenger and driver, such as navigation and on-board Wi-Fi.

Transatel’s edge in the automotive sector is the extensive experience in enabling both M2M (telematics) and end-user communications, in its role as MVNO enabler/aggregator.

Transatel’s technical architecture:

  • complies with specific billing and provisioning requirements ensuring full flexibility of services,
  • guarantees legal and regulatory compliance for end-user cellular communications in each country of commercialization. This applies to governmental (legal intercept and user registration), commercial (data privacy and competition), and tax issues.

16 years as an MVNO enabler/aggregator has granted Transatel a keen understanding of:

  • the end-user experience, such as life cycle management, user interfacing, client support and billing
  • the marketing and regulatory–and therefore, lobbying–aspects
  • business planning and the financial sustainability of projects related to cellular connectivity




The Transatel platform enables the identification of data flow associated with a given service (traffic classification), and can dissociate M2M from B2C data transmission. Data flow is later billed to the relevant parties:

  • M2M – wholesale prices are charged to the car OEM or third parties for the service and content they provide
  • Retail – B2C data usage is charged through retail offers and purchased by the end user


Choose a solution compatible with the eUICC

Cellular connectivity for the ‘Connected Car’ requires MNO-specific integration.

SIM 901 offers one-time integration with the network service layer regardless of the country of deployment. For the automobile manufacturer, the cost and time-to-market for adding a new country to the list of those benefiting from its connected car services is significantly reduced.

And because Transatel is compatible with the eUICC (or eSIM), the automobile manufacturer remains independent from Transatel during the entire product lifetime.




Ensure a consistent service level
across multiple countries

Today, no single operator or operator alliance can satisfactorily deliver connectivity to full regions of the world. This contradicts global automotive brands’ requirement for consistent branding and service level, as these are incompatible with multiple platforms.

Moreover, mobile number resources are scarce in certain countries. Some will not be able to provide the millions of units necessary to the automotive sector.

Transatel’s SIM 901 offers a unique dedicated global core network and service platform to enable a consistent, scalable service across multiple countries.


Host your existing MNO agreements on
a single platform

Transatel can interconnect with any MNO to ensure that you leverage your existing agreements with MNOs.