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Manufacturers—meet market demand!

The demand for permanent connectivity is everywhere: for the young and the old, for business and leisure, in emerging and developed countries.

Today, leading brand names in electronics are placing more value in developing cloud-based services and apps than in well-equipped hardware. Value added services powered via the internet demand permanent connectivity.

However, security hacks have weakened the trust in public Wi-Fi networks. According to a recent survey*, an astounding 62% of the companies surveyed worldwide have forbidden their mobile employees to use public Wi-Fi. Private individuals also are concerned with the security aspects associated with surfing the Web.

With SIM 901, give your professional end-users the opportunity to heighten their productivity without risking their company’s data security. And give your private end users peace of mind.

*Source: survey conducted in the US, the UK, France and Germany during March 2016 by independent research company Vanson Bourne


Laptops and Tablets

Provide unparalleled user experience

The quality of the customer’s journey is key for cellular data adoption. Transatel has co-developed an interface with the world’s leading OS to ensure seamless navigation while choosing a data plan, ordering, paying, and following one’s usage.

Transatel also has its own interface, which can be white-labelled, and is equally intuitive and user-friendly.

Generate new revenue
from added features and data usage

By adding cellular connectivity to your electronic devices, you kill two birds with one stone:

  • You up-market your product, which can ease you into a higher price point;
  • You provide access to networks and consequently reap a share of the revenue.

Add connectivity and distinguish your product from the competition all while securing your existing client base. Unlike Wi-Fi, cellular data services place the customer relationship–and the power—back into your hands.

Choose your business model

Transatel supports all forms of partnerships. However you wish the revenue to be distributed, and whichever the role you wish to play, SIM 901 is the first step to a solution.
Transatel can play the role of:

  • Operator, in which case, Transatel sells airtime to the end user and distributes the services with its own brand –or with a third-party brand (co-marketing model/licensing deal).
  • Aggregator, in which case, Transatel sells the airtime to the entity (device manufacturer or distributor) that provides connectivity to end-users.
  • Enabler, in which case, Transatel also manages split billing features to include a full ecosystem of providers.