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Add value to your modules, chipsets
or SIM card offers

As a SIM vendor, modules or chipsets manufacturer, you’re seeking the best solutions to enrich your clients’ value propositions. Look no further. Permanent connectivity is one of the best sales arguments to attract electronic device consumers today.

Help your clients enhance their products with connectivity

Adding connectivity to a device is not always as easy as it seems. Offer your clients the simplicity of a one-stop, turnkey solution for data connectivity on a global scale. Whether in the electronic device or IoT arena, help your clients save time and money.

Modules and Chipsets

Give your clients the flexibility of
an embedded SIM

The eSIM, or eUICC, is a global standard defined by the GSMA that allows the SIM card to be reprogrammed over-the-air to become a standard SIM card (attributed to a local mobile operator). SIM 901 is eSIM compatible and developed with the view of giving any client the freedom to switch networks when desired. Transatel is an active member of the GSMA task force working to define the specifications of the eSIM for consumer electronic devices.

the flexibility of an embedded SIM

Let your clients benefit from a bootstrap

With the eSIM comes the possibility to endow each product at manufacturing stage with a small airtime allowance. The initial connectivity profile of SIM 901 makes it possible:

  • to conduct product and connectivity testing at the manufacturing plant
  • to reprogram the SIM card over-the-air to modify, if necessary, the serving operator
  • to offer end users a free allowance to test the connectivity service before recharging via their online account.

SIM901 is global and ready-to-go from the first time the device is switched on. The operational profile can thereafter be maintained to benefit from competitive data rates worldwide, or modified if preferred.

SIM 901 is as flexible a data connectivity solution as they come.