The SIM 901 concept

Is your device always connected?
Is your device secure?

If the answer to one of these two questions is ‘no’, then you may want to learn more about our new technology.

SIM 901 is a universal, network-agnostic SIM card that enables users of any device to connect to the internet via cellular networks (3G/LTE) at local conditions, wherever they may be.

Its concept is the result of several years of research and development to leverage an international identifier–an exclusive Mobile Country Code, the 901-37.

To date, Transatel has signed connectivity agreements with over 130 Mobile Network Operators, 105 of which are already commercially active. With the clear objective of soon covering the planet, all the while ensuring local rates for data, SIM 901 is the ultimate Glocal SIM card.


Use one universal SIM card for the world

Wherever your manufacturing operations may lie, or your target markets may be, SIM 901 is entirely transparent:

  • The SIM card can be embedded at the manufacturing stage, and instantly be active in any country in Transatel’s network.
  • The SIM card is managed globally from one cloud-based platform for streamlined logistics.
  • SIM 901 is reprogrammable (eUICC). Transatel doesn’t hold its partners and clients captive in its network.
  • In countries where only a local operator is entitled to offer mobile services, SIM 901 can be reprogrammed to the local operator’s IMSI.



Provide security by design

Cellular networks are intrinsically secure. In addition, Transatel has implemented specific security add-ons, and allows you to use the SIM card as a secure hardware element.

The outcome: the highest possible level of security for your product.